Can I put a plastic cookie cutter in the oven? And other useful tips

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Blizzard Sales makes 3D printed cookie cutters using high quality PLA plastic.  The filament used is made from corn starch or sugarcane.  It is a food safe grade plastic made from renewable resources, compared to other plastics that are not food grade and made from fossil fuels.  Using PLA is our way of helping the environment by not overusing plastic.  Here are some useful tips that will help you get the most out of your PLA Cookie Cutters during their useful life cycle.

Can I put Plastic Cookie cutters in the dishwasher? 

No! Warm Handwash Only – PLA has a low melting point – it becomes bendy and flexible at around 60 degrees Celsius.  That means it should only be handwashed in warm water.  Even straight hot water out of a domestic tap could be too much for it, so use caution.  And never put them in the dishwasher!  That will be the end of them!

Can I put them in the oven?

Again, No!  See above.  60 degrees Celsius is not particularly hot.  Some people like to pop things in a warm oven to fully dry them before putting away.  This will almost certainly melt your 3D printed cookie cutters.  Same for the microwave!

Can I use plastic cookie cutters for pancakes?

Yes and no.  You should not use them to make moulded pancakes in a hot pan.  The PLA will melt in seconds and the whole thing will be ruined – including the pancake.  If you want to use a plastic cookie cutter to make the shape, follow these simple steps.  Make a normal round pancake and use the cutter to cut it out on a chopping board.  Wait till the pancake cools a little and then use the cutter to make the shape.  If the pancake is hot, you will have to work fast to avoid heating up the cutter too much.  If it does warp a little from the heat, you can gently bend it back into shape with your hands.

Can I use plastic cookie cutters to make shapes out of sandwiches?

Depends on what is in the sandwich.  If it has lots of firm fillings like meat and sliced cheese, you might find it tough to get a neat cut.  But a vegemite or jam sandwich, knock yourself out.  Should work a treat.  Fairy bread for kids’ birthday parties looks great with shapes cut out using plastic cookie cutters.

Can I put plastic cookie cutters in the kerbside recycling bin?

No.  Due to the low melting point of the plastic, it will cause problems at the recycling plant.  If you need to dispose of a cutter at the end of its life there are a couple of options.  The plastic is biodegradable, so if they do go into landfill, they will fully break down inside 6 months.  Alternatively, you can break or cut them into small pieces and pop them into compost.  They will fully compost within 4-6 months.

Plastic cookie cutters have a unique place in the cake decorators tool kit.  They are great for producing complex and detailed shapes easily.  But they are limited due to the durability of plastic.  They can make a far more intricate shape than a metal cookie cutter would, but at the same time, they are not as strong or heatproof.  Both styles of cutters have their strengths and weaknesses.  Just as you would not use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail, metal and plastic cookie cutters have their own uses in your toolkit.



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