Serif Style Font Fondant Cookie Cutter

Single Character
Uppercase A-Z
Lowercase a-z
Numbers 0-9
Symbol Set
Full Set

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These Serif Style Cookie Fondant Cutters make beautiful letters and numbers for cake and cupcakes.  The font is loosely based on the "Cooper Black" font.

They are available in 2 sizes- 4cm and 5cm, as well as Uppercase Set, Lowecase Set, Numbers 0-9 and a set of Symbols.

The size refers to height of the uppercase letter and all the rest are in scale with that.  So a 5cm lowercase "a" would be smaller than a 5cm uppercase "A" - you can mix and match the uppercase and lowercase sets and they will work in scale with each other.

If you only need a few letters, just buy some individual letter and/or numbers.  If you wanted to make "Bob is 3" you would only need 4 letters and 1 number.  Each purchase comes with a single set of the 2 sizes of outer block cutter to suit.

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