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We want your photos!

$5 discount for submitted product images - the details.

You may have heard that we are looking to buy some photos of cakes, cupcakes and cookies that you have made using products purchased from us!  You heard correctly.  If you any images that you are prepared to share with us, we'll send you a $5 off coupon code that you can use on either or on

Here's the fine print (that's not very fine).

  • The coupon will be valid until the end of March 2019
  • One coupon per customer.  Of course you're welcome to submit more than one photo, and we will be proudly displaying plenty on our social media feeds, but we can only give one $5 off coupon per customer :)
  • You expressly give us permission to use the images for marketing purposes (eg Instagram, Facebook, and in the product listings etc)
  • You may watermark the images if you like, but keep the main product area clear of logos or other graffiti.  
  • We will credit the photo where possible (if you want to be tagged on Facebook or Instagram, we can do that too).  Or if you prefer, we can use them without your name.
  • The coupon can be used to cover any product purchase, but not for shipping costs. 
  • Single use only, no change is given. 
  • Images must be emailed to and if possible, give a short description of your work.  

That's basically it.  So have a little dig through your archives and if you find a photo that you would like to share, then please send away and enjoy your discount!

Don't forget to send to:


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