30x Car Characters Cupcake Toppers Wafer or Icing Pre-cut Edible Images 35mm Cake Decorating


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Adorable Car Faces for Cupcake Toppers


(When you use Blizzard Edible Cake Toppers)

As easy as 1,2,3 and you can make a birthday extra special for your child. Read on

  1. Select a design 
  2. Choose Premium Edible Icing or Quality Wafer Paper as the base
  3. Follow the included simple instructions to apply to either a store bought or homemade cup cakes


We print our cake toppers on premium quality edible icing sheets imported directly from the US, or our wafer paper imported direct from the UK using the highest standard industrial food grade edible ink (wow that's a mouthful!). This means the image will be the brightest possible and best looking when compared with lower grade products. The topper is PRE-CUT so that all you have to do is apply to your cake. Be on the lookout for other toppers that require you to cut them out with scissors as it is extremely difficult to cut a small circle neatly by hand. Ours are precision cut on a machine. We supply detailed step by step instructions that make it simple to apply. Please note that you can order an uncut sheet if you wish to save some more $$.

Our Guarantee!

If, for any reason, you need extra help, please dont hesitate to contact us. We can have one of our expert cake makers ring and talk you through it.

Technical stuff

If you want the highest possible quality colors and image for your topper, please choose our icing based toppers.  If you would prefer to save some money then choose wafer but please understand, the wafer sheet is semi translucent, which means the inks do not show up the same as on a solid background. Icing Toppers have a backing sheet that needs to be removed prior to application.  Wafer toppers are ready to apply straight to your cake.  We make every effort to ensure correct colour calibration, but due to computer screen differences, the actual product may vary slightly from what you can see on your computer screen.

The toppers will store for up to 12 months in a clean, dry, air tight environment. Do not store in fridge or allow to get damp prior to application. This will cause the wafer paper to melt.

Ingredients can be found here:https://www.blizzardsales.com.au/pages/instructions-for-cutters-and-toppers

Wafer paper should not be used on whipped cream or butter cream toppings. Best results are obtained when applied to light or white coloured icing or marzipan. If applying to a dry cake the surface of the cake should be very lightly brushed with water before wafer paper is positioned.

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