Do Not Knock Stickers - Pack of 2


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Tired of those annoying door to door unsolicited sales calls.  Have you already got the best electricity price, know all about solar, and have given to your fave charities, so don't need to be disturbed anymore?

With a visible "Do Not Knock" sticker on your front door, it is illegal for these sales people to disturb you, they will breeze right by and disturb your neighbours instead.

There are 2 varieties available - 

White Background Self Adhesive Sticker - printed on commercial grade vinyl, these stickers are designed to stick and not peel back in the sun.  Can be stuck to just about any dry, oil free surface - timber, glass, metal, concrete, brick etc.

One Way Vision - similar to the white ones, these are printed on commercial grade one way vision material - meaning they let more light through and you can still see out the other side.  Perfect for windows.  A little more expensive, but a nicer option in our opinion.

This is for a pack of 2 stickers - put one on the front door and one on the letterbox, or give one to a friend.

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