Flamingo Theme Personalised Labels Set


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The hottest (or coolest) personalised labels this year!
These iron on and stick on school labels are waterproof and laminated with a UV stable coating so the print wont scratch off.
When applied properly to a clean, flat surface, they will handle the dishwasher (top shelf is best) and won't come off unless you really try!
The iron on labels are made from commercial grade heat transfer vinyl, which when applied with a hot iron and plenty of pressure, should last the life of the garment.
Choose a theme, choose a pack, choose to color co-ordinate the whole family!
Pack 1 (Value Pack) - 8 Arch, 24 Round, 18 Large, 21 Small, 84 Pencil, 24 Iron on
Pack 2 (Mega Pack) - 8 Arch, 48 Round, 36 Large, 42 Small, 84 Pencil, 48 Iron on
Pack 3 (High School) - 24 Round, 36 Large, 42 Small, 84 Pencil
Pack 4 (Primary School) - 8 Arch, 24 Round, 18 Large, 42 Small, 84 Pencil, 24 Iron on
Pack 5 (Daycare/ Kinder) - 16 Arch, 24 Round, 18 Large, 48 Iron on
Individual sheets are also available!
The arch is design to fit shoes. The arches automatically come with a Left and Right arrow. (Pack of 8 will include 4 Left and 4 Right etc) If you would like to remove the arrows and text please leave a note for us :)
Please note: All orders take 2 business days for dispatch (we need to allow the inks to dry properly otherwise they wont last)
Order online and get them delivered!  Order a top up pack at any time.

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