Lego Head Cookie Fondant Cutter


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Kids love Lego!  With these cookie fondant cutters, you can quickly create large variety of facial expressions on these Lego inspired head shaped cutters.

Thank you for considering our 3D Printed Cookie / Fondant cutters.
These are produced using a high-quality PLA plastic (which is BPA free and biodegradable) and will help you give your cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more an amazing look! Our cutters are produced to order, and production time is 1 business day. Blizzard Cutters are an essential item in your home baking collection - we will help make your cake great!

This cutter is as per the picture and includes all the parts pictured (but not the fondant!)

Our cutters generally come in a variety of sizes. Detailed Measurements are shown in the listing. Sometimes we have smaller and/or larger versions of the cutters, but here is a rough guide.

The 5cm cutters are perfect for decorating cupcakes.
The 7cm cutters are perfect for decorating the sides of cakes, and making cookies
The 10cm cutters are perfect for decorating the tops of cakes or making larger cookies.

Technical stuff
These cutters are designed to be a bit bendy and flexible, it makes it easier to remove stuck dough/fondant from more intricate designs. Some cutters have multiple small parts and some pointy edges, so please, they are not suitable for small children. Because they are light and plastic, they are not suitable for dishwashers, they will warp and melt. Please warm gentle hand-wash only. The plastic becomes bendy at 60 degrees, which is not very hot. Allow to dry properly and store them in an airtight bag or container (they come packed in a zip-lock bag).
Many cutters come in multiple pieces, please look out for this when unpacking. Some have many small pieces. You don't have to use all the pieces, but it does give you the option of making your decoration as detailed as possible, or you can choose to keep it simple. If you have any questions, please let us know, we usually respond within 1 business day.

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