Reindeer Set Acrylic Cake Topper Black, Bamboo, Mirror Silver or Gold - with FREE Cookie Fondant Cutters

Bamboo Ply Timber
Gold Mirror Acrylic
Silver Mirror Acrylic
Black Acrylic

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Make your Christmas cake shine with our Reindeer Set Thank you for considering our Reindeer Set. These are produced using a high quality acrylic and narrow grain bamboo ply and will help you give your cakes! Finish off your cake with a choice of 2 noses, plus some cute ears and eyelashes. If you thought Unicorn cakes were popular, wait till you see how popular these reindeer cakes are going to be! Our acrylic toppers are produced to order, and production time is 1 business day. This topper is as per the picture and includes all the parts pictured Sizing The Reindeer Antlers are 15cm High with a 6cm spike (making the whole piece 21cm high) The Cookie/Fondant cutters that come with it are based on the 10cm set - so they will suit the top/side of a cake. If you are unsure, please take the time to send us a message. Were usually quick to respond and would rather get it right first time. Technical stuff Only Acrylic can be shipped internationally. We cannot ship the Bamboo antlers outside of Australia, due to customs laws. Acrylic while strong, can break so does require gentle handling. With a little warm soapy water your acrylic topper can be reused. The Cutters are made from BPA - they are designed to be bendy and flexible to make it easier to get the fondant or dough out. These cutters mush only be gently hand washed in warm (not hot) soapy water. Not dishwasher safe.

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